• Display Pricing Plans On Multiple Pages

    Use the new Pricing Plan Widget to add your plans to multiple pages. Plus, you can choose which membership plans you want to display on each page. Learn more 

  • New Advanced SEO Settings for Your Blog Posts

    Drive traffic to your blog with control over how your posts are displayed on social media, advanced SEO meta tag customization and more. Learn more
  • Reply to Blog Comments with Rich Text

    Blog members can now reply to each other’s comments with text, emojis and GIFs. Enable comments to let them create a conversation around your blog posts. Learn how
  • Invite Your Team to Become Call Agents

    Boost your customer service by giving multiple agents the ability to make and answer calls on your business phone number at the same time. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Improve Customer Service with Call Recordings

    Record calls made to your business phone number and review them any time. Call recordings are seamlessly integrated into your CRM, and you can listen to them from your Inbox. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Track Site Performance More Easily with Analytics Alerts

    Use preset and custom alerts to get an email notification whenever there is a significant change in your site’s key stats or business activity. Learn more

  • Control Who Can Advertise on Your Site

    Create an ads.txt file manually with a list of acceptable advertisers or use personalized files from third-parties like Outbrain and Google Adsense. Learn more
  • Customize the Video Settings in Your Blog Feed

    You now have full control over how and when videos play in your blog’s feed. Choose to have videos on autoplay, loop them, pick the speed and more. Learn more
  • Get Insights about Your Blog with New Analytics Reports

    Use new in-depth blog reports to learn how visitors are engaging with your blog, your most popular posts, the best time to post content and more. Learn more
  • Share Invoices on Any Platform and Get Paid in a Click

    Share invoices in a click on any platform, like chat, email and Facebook Messenger. Customers can open, click and pay - ensuring you get paid faster. Learn more